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Interview with Christoff

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background?

My name is Christoff. I studied IT and I've been working as a Java Developer for 17 years. I'm also a proud father of a 17-month-old little boy. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, experiencing nature, learning about history, travelling and visiting museums. Fun fact about me is that I used to be a Latin and Ballroom dancer back in the day.

I worked mainly in the banking industry in South Africa before moving to the Netherlands. I started working for a bank in the Netherlands. However, I wanted to try a new industry and started my journey at Realworks.

What made you choose Realworks?

As a contractor, I wanted to grow in a company and get more experience, and Realworks seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. The company's culture and the people I work with define my experience here. I love my team, and we have a great relationship; we are like a family. After lunch, we go for walks, attend events, and even have beers together!

Can you describe your daily workroutine?

My daily routine consists of stand-ups, planning agendas, developing, and occasionally conducting technical interviews. I enjoy working on various projects and collaborating with my team to create innovative solutions.

How do you keep your knowledge up to date?

I attend Tech talks at Realworks, and I also join meetups and follow technology news on Twitter. I am interested in attending conferences in the future to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in my field.

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