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Interview with Lodewijk

Tell me something about yourself, what is your background?

Hi, my name is Lodewijk. I studied Artificial Intelligence and started my own company after completing my bachelor's degree. In 2004, I joined Realworks, and I have been working here for about 19 years now.

 What do you appreciate about Realworks?

I appreciate the informal work culture and the freedom to express my ideas. The management trusts and empowers developers to make their own decisions and express their opinions.

 Tell me about your team?

My team is diverse in terms of nationalities and backgrounds, and working with them is a pleasure.

 What is your daily work routine like?

I start with stand-up meetings and prioritise urgent tasks. I attend meetings most of the time when I'm in the office and focus on development when I'm working from home. As I have been at Realworks for a long time and have developed many projects from scratch, I answer many questions from colleagues.

 How do you stay updated with the latest knowledge and trends?

I dedicate one day every two weeks to learning and keeping myself up to date. Realworks encourages the use of new technologies, which means I need to stay current. Attending Tech Talks at the office also helps me stay informed.

 What is your biggest challenge at work?

Updating old legacy systems while developing new features is a significant challenge. We need to ensure that we have enough time to update old technologies while building new ones.

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