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Interview with Mohamed

Can you tell something about yourself?

My name is Mohamed and I work at Realworks as a Technology Architect. I have a keen interest in IT landscape projects, ranging from infrastructure to software development. I am particularly interested in learning about development challenges. Additionally, having worked in development for several years, I wanted to see the other side of the fence and learn more about operations. I began my career as a junior developer in France and later moved to the Netherlands.

What drew you to Realworks?

Realworks' flat organisational structure and self-managed teams allow for the creation of high-quality software that can be delivered to the customer quickly. The flexibility to work remotely for three days each week also ensures a better work-life balance.


Could you describe your typical day at work?

I start by reviewing what was accomplished the previous day and discussing what we plan to do next. During brainstorming sessions, each team member shares their ideas and opinions, and I, as the scrum master, ensure that everyone's input is taken into account. I work to ensure that no one is blocked and that we all work together to find solutions.


How do you stay up to date with the latest technology?

I read numerous blogs and scan for shortcuts on how to use new technologies. I assess whether new technology is suitable for our organization and try to identify the best solutions for us.

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